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This website is designed to showcase FINE ART PRINTMAKING Artwork created by Steve Larson, Artist:
Printmaker/Painter--watercolor or oil paintings/Sculptor.

Under the "Products" section you will find examples of the three categories just mentioned and also teaching subjects for workshops.

Our Mission

After realizing the world economic situation was making it too difficult for most people to ever purchase “original, one of a kind, hand-painted artworks”, I switched the focus of my Studio from painting to printmaking. Printmaking not only allows me to multiply my creative efforts but additionally, I can sell original hand-pulled & signed limited edition prints at prices most people can still afford. New techniques in nontoxic printmaking now make it possible for me to teach without the previous insurance risks posed by toxic chemicals used before.

STUDIO Profile

PRINTMAKING: I first began printmaking while I was a student at Indiana University in the 1970s. Eventually I borrowed money and bought my own etching press when I had a studio in northern Indiana in an old church I'd renovated. A year ago I began rearranging my entire studio space to focus my artistic output on “non-toxic printmaking” to offer a high quality lower cost Fine Art product after I’d spent several months researching the topic online with the objective of finding a way to make quality Fine Art prints from approx. 2,500 slide images of paintings sold for too little over the years. My research led me to the realization that advancements in printmaking and digital technology had opened the door to innovations combining printing methods previously unaccepted or unknown by the industry. For example, I was very pleased to discover that new methods allow me to use my Etching press (purchased nearly 3 decades ago) for non-toxic Lithography printmaking techniques. I decided to use years of experience teaching Adult Education to write a manual “Integrating Studio and Non-Toxic Printmaking”© that I could sell to assist other artists that was straight-forward, clear, concise, in layman’s terms that anybody could understand and organized sequentially, so any level of student could learn the basic printing process by simply following the instructions. The manual will be for sale on this site as soon as I finish writing it.

SCULPTURE: I am a certified STICK/MIG/TIG welder with gas welding and arc welding equipment.
I was taught oxy-acetylene torch welding when I was 13 yrs. old by a professor at Saint Mary’s College, IN. I had my first sculpture show there when I was 14.

Contact Information

Since my Studio is located at 9,400 ft. our cell phone reception varies by where we're standing. Best contact is by email listed below.

Postal address
380 High Spirit Trail, Westcliffe, CO 81252
Electronic mail
General Information: info@sclartworks.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: webmaster@sclartworks.com                                                                                                                                                     
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